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Remove noise from audio using AI locally

Thumbnail showing Dj removing noise from his audio clip

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

More and more people due to privacy concerns looking for offline solution for AI.

This time I will show you how to run on your laptop simple interface to remove noise from your audio file.

2. Clone repository

Clone resemble-ai repository

					git clone

3. Install packages

Using your package manager install needed dependencies

					pip install py-cpuinfo
pip install psutil
pip install resemble-enhance --upgrade

4. Run web app

Run below commands

					cd resemble-enhance

It will take a while for the first time and you will get information that server is available locally

					Running on local URL:

5. Process your audio file

Now you can load your audio file to start processing

Picture of GUI without any processing

Click on submit and wait – it will takes as long as your audio file length and more.

Picture of GUI without with processing

Once it’s processed, you can download wav files for de-noised version and separately for enhanced version. Just click on small icon on right upper corner.

Picture of GUI without after processing

6. Conclusion

That’s it. You have learned how to remove noise from your audio file using AI on your local laptop without any limitation and absolutely for free.

Have a nice coding!

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