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How to Generate Sha256 with GitBash or Cygwin

generate sha256
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

In Windows environment tools like cygwin or gitbash can be used to run linux based programs. Therefore in this tutorial I want to show you how to install them and how to generate shusum 256 value.

2. Using Git Bash

2.1. Installation

Visit download page and install version matching your architecture

Look at the setting “Open Git Bash here” – this is useful because wherever you are in windows explorer you can right click and open shell with that working directory.

Accept all default setting if you don’t mind and wait until installation is finished.

installing gitbash

2.2. Open GitBash

After installation is done, you can right click in some location and open GitBash terminal.


open gitbash

Type in terminal command to convert value “testing” into sha256

					echo -n "testing" | sha256sum

you will get hash value in return.

3. Using Cygwin

3.1. Installing Cygwin

Visit download webpage to get installation package. Then install it accepting default values.

3.2. Generating hash with Cygwin

After installation is done you can find program among other software

like with git same command can be used

					echo -n "testing" | sha256sum

4. Summary

In this article you have learned how to generate hash values with 2 popular emulators for Windows. You can choose one and start from today.

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