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How to Download video from Facebook in 5 minutes?

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You found interesting video on Facebook and you want to save it on your computer? You are worried that material soon will be deleted and you want to share it with friends? No problem, there is easy way to download videos from Facebook so you can keep them locally and share whenever you want and how you want.

Find video material

First you found your video material somewhere. Now depends where is it you can perform specific actions.

Video inside comment section

In this case use developer mode of your web browser by pressing F12 button on the keyboard. Then choose network tab and play video looking for media type.

Now when you right click on this line you will see full URL

Copy this link and open it in new tab. Then you will noticed that this is basically raw video file that now you can right click on and save.

Here you are, video is now on your local desktop.


Facebook video page

If video is main object on the page probably has it’s own id and therefore you can use some video downloader that will stream it down to your disk.

It can look like on below example

In order to download this video the first step is to figure out what is video page url. Therefore open tripple dots menu and choose “Copy link” item.

If you decide to open this link you will see page with URL


That will convert into


So you can distinguish user name and for example check more of his videos. Anyways with that link you can download video by placing it in downloader like Parallels ToolBox

This kind of software will let you stream down the video to local filesystem preserving high quality.

Using FREE toughcoding tool

In order to extract video links from Facebook pages you do not need to copy paste them manually. I prepared free tool for you that you can find in tools section of my blog. Follow simple procedure:

  • Please visit your facebook page where you can see videos.
  • Right click inside that page and choose view source. Don’t worry that there is crazy content – you do not have to read it, just copy it.
  • Place that code inside below box and click on “Extract Links”
  • You will get list of all possible related videos.
toughcoding facebook video links extractor


In this knowledge article you have learned how to find the way to download videos from Facebook pages. Now you can save them and archive as you wish then share with your friends whenever you want.

Have a nice coding!

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