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Transfer Video from Google Drive to

Copy video from google drive to bunny net
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

If you use Google Drive for backup you might have your videos already there. Additionally you can use Google service to share videos with others.

What if you want to put them on video hosting service and downloading all of them to your local laptop is nightmare for you?

This scenario perfectly fit knowledge article I prepared for you. I will show you how to seamlessly transfer video file from your Google Drive into bunny net platform.

2. Generate downloadable link

First step is to localize your videos on Google Drive then generate shareable link with permission for viewing by others.

Once you have that link you can copy it and paste in the special tool I created for you called “Google Drive Direct Link Generator”. Over there you place it and get in response URL that triggers all web browsers to download file instead redirecting you to Google webpages.

Copy downloadable link and use it in your bunny net Stream API request.

					curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'AccessKey: ACCESS_KEY_PLACEHOLDER' \
--data '{

Replace placeholders:
– YOUR_GENERATED_LINK_PLACEHOLDER with output from app I provided to you

– LIBRARY_ID_PLACEHOLDER with your library id you can get from bunny net section of video library.

get video library

– ACCESS_KEY_PLACEHOLDER with your key by copying API Key in API section

copy API key

Once request is sent after some time you can see video in your library.

3. Troubleshooting

In case of encountering an error probably file was to big to be scanned with antivirus google drive scanner. Below message should look familliar

error file to large to be scanned

In this case open URL YOUR_GENERATED_LINK_PLACEHOLDER in your web browser then switch to developer mode which is usually done by pressing F12 on keyboard. Then go to network tab and click on “Download anyway” button which will give you new URL in response

new link done by sniffing network

Copy that link and use it again with fetch API request. Now video should be smoothly transferred into bunny net library.

4. Summary

In this knowledge article you have learned how to quickly move video files from Google Drive into bunny net stream library without temporarily downloading it to your local disk. It’s all done smoothly and for FREE with tool you can access in tools section.

Have a nice coding!

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